Humidity Controller

Keep Your Bud Fresh


This two-way humidity control packet keeps your cannabis fresher for longer!

How it works:

Place 1 - 2 packets in with your cannabis stash. The natural food grade salts inside the packets are the "brains" that know when to add or remove moisture. Rest assured you can't "over-humidify" your cannabis. When the packets become hard and crispy, it's time to replace. 

By adding and removing moisture. this affects the surrounding enclosed environment and delivers the pre-determined Relative Humidity (RH) level that's printed on the packet. The design of the packet ensures that only pure water vapor is allowed in and out and won't cause any damage with direct contact to cannabis. 


- Maintenance free and no activation required. Remove the plastic wrap and place the packet in your stash. That's it! 

- When the packets are dry and crispy, it's time to replace them

- The more packets you use, the longer they will last. You can't over-humidify cannabis and in some dry climates using more than the recommended amount may be required. 

- The more you expose it to air, the harder it has to work. 

- All natural ingredients; Inside the packet is Salt and Water.