Hemp Rope

Great Hemp Wick For The Freeze Pipe

Hemp rope (or Hemp wick) provides a healthier and tastier way to enjoy herb. There can be long-term health risks from consuming too much butane produced by lighters. Not to mention the flame from lighters is so hot that it actually works to reduce the effects of THC and makes for a harsher hit. 
So next time instead of using a lighter, light the hemp rope and use that to ignite your herb!
Advantages of Hemp Rope:
- Produces a less harsh and more flavorful hit
- Drastically reduces the # of carcinogens consumed vs using lighters
- Hits slower than a lighter for more controlled and better burning of the herb
- Flame from hemp rope is easily put our and can be re-lit
- Many people wrap the rope around their lighter for convenience
***This does not come with a lighter or pipe.***